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Finding a Home, Villa, Hotel and Land for sale has never been easier. We , you can search new homes, foreclosures, multi-family homes, as well as condos and townhouses for sale. You can even search our real estate agent directory to work with a professional Realtor and find your perfect home. New home listings are constantly added every day.

Management of Real Estate

Do not wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.


Planning is a process of choosing among those many options. If we do not choose to plan, then we choose to have others plan for us.

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Best deal to communication.Talk with Thai local by Local Thai Real Estate Team.

We trying to effectively communicate with seller and buyer, and we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.

Effective Planning

Effective Planning.Construction Process Organized.

All of projects is like juggling five face – owner, partner, time, cost and quality. project management is like a troupe of circus performers standing in a circle, we focus our projects are perfect to every face we co-operate to good comunication with Thai local.

Why choose Us?

Risk Management.We have got you Covered.

Opportunity and Risk come in pairs, We know how the different to management.

Sakda Yumke

Real estate is the key cost of physical retailers. That's why there's the old saw: location, location, location.

Sakda Yumke CEO
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I always felt very secure and very safe with real estate. Real estate always appreciates.

Sanya Jayalee Founder
Concrete Developments

Local Thai Real Estate Developments

We take a holistic approach to land and property developments, to providing everything you need to effectively as possible with your budget.

Finance Assistance

Finance and Cost Controller Assistance

The planning, directing, monitoring, organizing, and controlling of the monetary resources of an organization.

Interiorly Designed

Interiorly Designed

We have selected an impressive list of design to offer for you.The design hit exactly what we were looking for, virtually on the first try to show you.

Cost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

We always strive to have your business being able to run with the most cost effectiveness it can to save you money.

Smart Builders

Professional building services

We are professional one of local real estate in Thailand to construction and building, hotel, private villa to estimating services. Quotes for all construction projects from extensions, to barn conversions, we've got you covered.

Quality Infrastructure

Quality Infrastructure

We employ a Thailand real estate locally to recognized approach for the processes to adhere to the quality international standards.

Some of Our Esteemed Projects on South of Thailand:

Koh Samui and Koh Phangan

Surat Thani Province

Koh Samui and Koh Phangan, Thailand
Phuket Province

Phuket Province

South of Thailand
Phang Nga Province

Phang Nga Province

South of Thailand
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Finding a Home, Private Villa and Land for sale has never been easier. We are professional one of Krabi, you can search new properties as well as condos and townhouses Villa and Land for sale. You can even search our real estate agent directory to work with a professional and find your perfect property and land. New home listings are constantly added every day.

Luxuary Villa
Hotel and Property

The positive aspect of my negative view is essentially that I shouldn't own cash and government bonds, but you should be in assets like real estate or equities or precious metals or in commodities.

Creating a better world requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration, as we need an entire army of companies to work together to build a better world within the next few decades. This means corporations must embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another.

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Local Thai Real Estate now has two of offices all across the province of Thailand.Krabi and Surat Thani provinces of our locations is united by our common business culture, with an emphasis on preserving and sharing the rich diversity of the location and atmosphere. Wherever you go in the Local Thai Real Estate Offices, you’ll find innovative, focused team members working together to achieve great things, and sharing the smiles and satisfaction of a job well done.

95 Moo 2 Nongtalay, Muang
Krabi , Thailand
Surat Thani Province: Departments
165/19 Moo 5 Thathong Mai, Kanganadit
Surat Thani, 84290 Thailand
Phone: (+66) 81 278 8080
Email: indysci@gmail.com

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